Dental Health

Annual Teeth Whitening Package

Make the White Choice for your Smile Do you know what makes your teeth appear dull or yellowish???? Ever imagined…! As we grow-up, our natural teeth start losing their whiteness due to the stains that gather from food and drinks we enjoy. For instance, curries, wine, soda, tea, coffee etc. Most of it can be removed by daily brushing and…

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Dental Health Plans

Importance of Dental Health Our teeth play an essential role in our life. They help us in Speech, to chew food, and impart beauty to our face. A beautiful smile has various benefits that give us confidence, as well as have a huge impact on our social life and careers. Dental health affects our life in many ways. Our body…

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Covid-19 & Hygiene

The Coronavirus infection is a viral infection that has affected 33M people globally -causing 996K deaths. It has been deathly, life changing and painstakingly difficult for the masses around the world. Started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 it is something that refuses to stop 9 months later as well – trapping people inside their abodes. The Covid-19 Pandemic hasn’t…

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Dental Implant for missing teeth

Why Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth? With the advancement in dentistry, there are various ways to replace missing tooth/teeth for the patient, namely Dentures, Bridges, Implants etc. One of the more favoured ones is Dental implants. Millions of people worldwide have gone through dental implant procedures, and these numbers are rising continuously. Let us try…

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Gum treatment for Periodontitis/Pyorrhoea

The inability of a person to keep his/her teeth & gums clean is the primary reason for developing Pyorrhoea /Periodontitis. This means the patient who doesn’t brush regularly or doesn’t do it properly, is at a very high risk of developing it. At the beginning stage of infection, the bacteria builds-up in plaque around the gums leading to bleeding from…

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