Dental Health

Finding the right dentist to find the right solution to your dental problem

Do you know almost 65% of adults suffer from oral health problems? It is very much important to pay attention to your dental health problems before it gets worse. You should not only daily brush and floss your teeth but also go for regular checkups and professional cleaning. Because that’s how a true dentist will pinpoint issues in your mouth,…

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Why and when are Dental Sealants suggested?

Prevention is better than cure, any day. Similarly, Preventive dentistry is always better than restorative dentistry! And, Dental sealants or pit and fissure sealants are the heroes of preventive dentistry. In most cases when you get decay, you get a dentist to do a filling for you. However, fillings are considered restorative applications. A filling is used to repair the…

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Clear Aligners – The Best Way to Correct Uneven /Crooked Teeth

Having crooked or mal-aligned teeth? If you are thinking to get your Smile-correction done, know more about the latest/best options available before starting .your teeth straightening process. Aligners are comfortable, invisible and more convenient than metal braces. It’s a perfect solution for individuals who feel uncomfortable wearing traditional braces . Now they are also more affordable at Fine Feather Dental.…

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