Your smile is priceless, worth more than the cost of braces!!

The harmonious arrangement of our upper & lower teeth is very important. It is not only important for proper chewing but also results into what we call ,”A Beautiful Smile,” Nature has arranged them in such a way so that they can remain clean or can be cleaned easily by our tongue, lips & cheeks. This harmonious arrangement is usually inherited by the child in his/her genes.

Sometimes this natural process of selection of genes goes haywire & occasionally a child may inherit mismatch in size of jaw & teeth. This might lead to a problem of generalized spacing/crowding of teeth depending upon the net effect of bigger jaw / smaller teeth or vice versa..

Besides the inherited problem the harmonious regular arrangement can again get disturbed by functional / extra-functional forces generated by the person. These forces arise due to faulty habits like thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking etc in children. The same can also happen in adults if they lose a tooth/teeth or erupting wisdom tooth or develop clenching habit due to stress.

Thus the problem of Crowding of Teeth is seen not only in children & teenagers but also in adults. This crowding of teeth leads to development of areas where food, stains get lodged & are no longer self-cleansing. This might lead to development of cavities, pyorrhoea & un-aesthetic smile/facial appearance.

Thus maintaining a harmonious regular arrangement of all our teeth is very important to preserve them for lifetime. Our aim should be, “Oral health for Overall Health.”

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