Why Do You Need Dental X-RAY?

Dental X-Ray, also known as radiographs, help the dentist in diagnosing any flaw between and inside your teeth. It further helps them in visualizing the disease of teeth that can’t be seen with a simple oral exam. 

Such an X-Ray is performed yearly to track the progress of dental treatment and condition of teeth and gums. Compared to adults, it is inevitable for children to have dental X-rays for monitoring the growth of adult teeth. Through this, a dentist will be able to give his judgment regarding pulling over the baby’s teeth to avoid any sort of complications. 

Dental X-Ray can easily spot the trouble early in your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth. Getting early treatment for such dental problems will alleviate pain and irritation. For Dental X-Ray, you can always reach out to us anytime. 

How Does a Dental X-ray Work?

Dental X-Ray is often conducted during routine visits where it shows the crown portion of your teeth and finds out if any signs of decay. To conduct this X-Ray, a patient is asked to place a plate in between their teeth where the machine will be placed on either side of your face. 

Secondly, Panoramic x-rays are also a part of dental health treatment. It is taken from the outside of your mouth that gives a bigger and clear picture of the oral cavity. It also includes pictures of the sinus area and jawbones to check if there’s any oral disorder. 

Most importantly, these X Rays are safe and emit quite a lower level of radiation. 

Which are the key problems that dental X-Ray detects?

Dental X Rays can detect- 

  • Reveal bone loss or any infection in the bone
  • Infection in the small areas between the teeth 
  • Helps in suggesting for dentures, braces, tooth implants, or any other dental procedure 
  • Reveal abnormalities like cysts and tumor
  • Check if there’s enough space for new teeth fitting 

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