What is Dental Floss? How does one use it?

Dental Flossing is a technique of cleaning the surfaces between your teeth to remove food particlesand/or plaque using a thin type of thread called dental floss which is merely a cord of thin filaments.

It can reach the tightest & tiniest regions between the teeth where the conventional toothbrush isunable to reach.

The floss is applied in a ‘C’ shaped manner against the side of the tooth and betweenpairs of teeth. Dentists recommend that you floss at least once daily. After using dental floss for the first time, your gums may bleed a little but continue flossing as per your dentist’s recommendation, and thebleedingshould go away after a few days. However, if it does not, do visit fine feather dental clinic.

Dental flossing in patients with braces:

Many people feel that they cannot use dental floss if they have braces but, though flossingwith braces may be a challenge because the braces or the wearer may get damaged, it isrecommended that one flosses even if they have braces, with the new Water-flossed available in the market. It’s important because the food and plaque get stuckeasily in between the braces and can result into bacterial infections, gum problems and bad breath.

One of the questions a lot of people ask, is whether you should floss before or after brushing.There is no specific recommended time for you to floss, and you could do it at any time of the day.However, it would help if you floss before you brush because brushing helps remove all the looseplaque that flossing left behind.

Types of Dental flosses and the strongest of them all

There are different types of available dental floss in the market for you to choose from somethicker than others:

  1. Waxed floss with wax that prevents it from breaking or fraying when used.
  2. Unwaxed floss.
  3. Dental tape which is also hard to break.
  4. Super floss.
  5. Water flosser to shoot thin streams of water between your teeth or at the gums.
  6. Polytetrafluorethylene floss (PTFE). It also does not shred or break easily and is probably thestrongest floss available in the market.

The 3 strongest dental floss picks are:

  1. Dental Triple Clean Floss Picks,
  2. Plackers Twin-Line Flossers
  3. Bamboo Earth Natural Dental Floss Picks.

Eco-friendly dental floss is also available in the market, made of corn starch and dual-string nylon. A floss pick on the other hand is a degradable dental hygienic device which is usually made of plastic.

Dental floss holders:

If you have trouble holding your dental floss as you use it, you can use a floss holder. Theseare E or Y-shaped tools which have a small section between 2 prong ends for holding the piece offloss. It only allows you to use a single piece of small floss.

You would be amazed to know that a dental floss can also be used to remove a ring stuck onyour finger, wondering how? Just wrap the floss evenly around the finger above the ring and past thelower knuckle. As you unwrap the floss the ring starts moving out of the finger!

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