Wear your Healthy Smile

Hey! Did you smile today? Was your smile a good and healthy one? If not, don’t worry FineFeather dental clinic cares for your SMILE. Do you know what are the benefits of brushing and flossing your teeth & how to do it the right way? We have mentioned here some important tips so that you can protect your teeth for a lifetime by fighting against cavities and plaque. After all, who doesn’t want a bright, white smile?

Concentrate on your brushing habits

Professional dentist at Fine Feather dental Clinic says that you need to brush your teeth twice to remove plaque from the teeth. Use soft/medium bristles for brushing, they are very gentle over the gums too. While brushing, make sure that you are using fluoridated toothpaste. They help in hardening the teeth and reduce the possibility of tooth decay. Night time brushing is more

important to reduce cavities

Make sure that your diet is healthy for the teeth There are various foods and snacks that often get stuck to the teeth and beneath the gums which ultimately results in tooth decay. Intake of such foods cannot be stopped but one must make sure that he/she has cleaned and cleared the teeth and gums well to avoid developing any cavities later on. Sometimes, this food lodgement causes foul smell leading to Halitosis. One can have some teeth-friendly food like vegetables, apples, salad or cheese.

Try to avoid the intake of aerated drinks

Just like tobacco and alcohol which are quite harmful ,do you know aerated drinks are equally harmful for your teeth? If you consume aerated drinks on a daily basis, it may lead to cavities & Sensitivity in the long run.

Visit your Dentist regularly every six months

No more excuses now! Just visit your dentist for regular check-up every 6 months. Consult the dental experts about teeth cleaning and gum building. They will provide you in-depth knowledge for maintaining and ensuring dental hygiene & oral care. Schedule an appointment with FineFeather Dental and save your teeth for a lifetime.

So wear a sweet healthy smile – all day long . Follow these tips and have a bright smile for a lifetime.