Some myths & facts about Implants

Sometimes, even a well-meaning person will get a fact wrong. That’s a misunderstanding. When they tell someone else, it’s a bit of misinformation. Repeat it often enough and it becomes a myth. Dental implants, like many other things, have accumulated a small body of myths around them. Let’s try and clear up a few of those myths right now.

5 Myths and Facts about dental implants

Myth: Dental Implants Are a New, Unproven Technology

Fact: The technology of dental implants could hardly be called new. The principle of osseointegration, by which the titanium metal of the implant fuses to bone, was discovered in 1952. Dental implants themselves became widely available in North America in 1982. Since then, implants have helped millions of patients restore their smiles and regain their confidence. The procedure has a documented success rate above 95% – the highest of any tooth replacement option. So don’t fall for this story. In India also the last decade has seen an astounding increase in the number of implants being put in Patients.

Myth: It Takes a Long Time to Get Dental Implants

Fact: There’s actually a grain of truth to this one – but only if you don’t go to Fine Feather Dental. To properly plan and carry out the implant procedure, you need a group of people working together – including an oral surgeon, a prosthodontist, diagnostic and laboratory technicians, and clinical staff – along with the proper facilities and equipment that enable them to do their work. Not all implant providers have these capabilities. That means you might have to contend with multiple appointments at different Doctors/locations, over a period of weeks or months.

But at Fine Feather Dental, we bring together everything you need — the experienced specialists, the high-tech equipment, the complete dental lab and the caring staff — under one roof. So we can cut out the waiting, and (in some cases) perform the entire tooth replacement procedure in one day.

Myth: I’m Too Old/ Not a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Fact: Only a dental implant specialist can tell whether implants are right for you. But if you’re otherwise healthy, age isn’t a large factor in the implant equation. Having some health problems doesn’t rule you out either — in fact, the doctors at Fine Feather Dental have provided dental implants for patients with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many other health issues. And, with the new techniques of bone regeneration and the all-on-four protocol (using four strategically placed implants to support an entire row of teeth), even people who don’t have sufficient bone can get implants. So today, more people than ever can take advantage of this remarkable tooth replacement system.

Myth: Dental Implants Are Very Expensive

Fact: It’s true that dental implants are likely to have a higher up-front cost than other tooth-replacement options. But that cost may not be as high as you think – and it can vary a good deal, based on the state of an individual’s oral health. Also, keep in mind that dental implants are designed to last for the rest of your life. Other options – like dentures and bridges – need periodic replacement, may look unnatural, and can lead to damage of adjacent teeth and/or bone over time.

When you add up the long-term costs of maintenance, treatment and replacement involved with those other options — and figure in the benefit of having permanent, attractive, natural-looking replacement teeth — you’ll see that dental implants really offer the greatest cost effective long term value for your investment. And that’s no fairy tale. Add to that the comfort of chewing that matches natural teeth and cost is no longer a consideration.

Myth: Dental Implants Are Painful

Fact: That is farthest from the truth; in fact placing Implants is even less troublesome than removing a tooth. One can place 10 or more implants at a stretch without any complications or problems if the planning has been done judiciously just the way we do at Fine Feather Dental.