Patient Safety Tips When Visiting the Hospital

We follow the cleanliness & hygiene standards to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between patients & staff. Our Sterilization & Hygiene Protocol involves professional and patient centric approach to maintain a hygienic and pleasing ambience.


Following a 4 level Infection Control Regime.


We have implemented four levels of Infection control regime to eliminate any chances of cross-contamination from patients to patients, patients to staff & vice versa.


Here’s a quick look at the process,


Step 1

We start by immersing the used instruments in the disinfectant solution. Then we clean them under running water.


Step 2

After that the instruments are wiped dry completely.


Step 3

The dried and clean instruments are packed in pouches & then sterilized in ‘B-class’ Autoclave to ensure 100% accurate sterilization under vacuum which removes all bacteria, viruses and spores.


Step 4

These autoclaved instruments are then placed in the UV light storage cabinets, to maintain its sterility till they are used again.



Disinfection of Operatories & Reception Area

We believe in having a safe environment for you & your accomplice. At Fine Feather dental, we use WHO certified gas-fumigation on a daily basis to provide a germ-free environment.


With number of patients visiting our clinic every day we require an active disinfection process for safety. It is achieved by Gas Fumigation that effectively reduces microbial agents on all surfaces and minimises infections. The Operatory & Reception area need to be free of infectious agents & be safe for everyone that is going to be visiting or working at the clinic.


Over the years, the Fumigation treatment has become a standard solution for keeping the area germ free. Given below are few reasons for same


Gas fumigation is very effective

The gas that is used in the process is able to reach areas that other disinfection methods won’t be able to reach easily ensuring that everything is properly disinfected.


Terminates all harmful agents

Gas Fumigation eliminates a wide range of microorganisms, making it suitable for dental clinics

Effective & quick process

Generally these fumigation treatments can be done at night, once the clinic is closed. That is a very efficient solution.


With proper planning and execution by trained professionals, we are able to keep the areas safe for all the staff members, patients & everyone that visits the clinic.


Sterilization of Instruments/Equipment


At Fine feather dental, we use the best -in class autoclave that is B- class autoclave to sterilize all our instruments/equipment. One of the widely used sterilization processes in dental clinics is the Moist steam autoclave technique. This is the most important part of the Sterilization procedure.


Class B Autoclave is the most effective steam sterilizer that uses a vacuum pump to remove air/steam mixtures from the chamber prior, to the sterilization cycle. This process ensures that there is no air inside of the chamber before the steam sterilization starts and immediately after it is done.


B-class Autoclave helps in

  • eliminating bacteria,
  • harmful viruses,
  • fungi.


Generally, Autoclaves operate at a high temperature and pressure to provide ease in elimination of the various types of microorganisms


Fine Feather has more than 150,000 satisfied patients. It, at its 21 branches, provides world-class dental treatment and follows the same cleanliness & hygiene standards across its branches.


Fine Feather Dental Clinics are available in these areas:


Ahmedabad – Naranpura | Juhapura | Vastrapur | Navrangpura | South Bopal | Prahladnagar | Nehrunagar | Paldi | Maninagar | Nikol | Shantigram



Baroda – Vasna Road | Gotri | Fertilizer Nagar

Surat – Vesu | Adajan-Pal



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