Orthodontic treatments are important for overall development of the child as well as his dental health.

A majority of children as well as adults have crowded or crooked teeth. To be able to get over this, they need to resort to Orthodontic treatment or Straightening of teeth This treatment has always been proven as a blessing in disguise for all of our clients at Fine Feather – we see individuals walk out of the clinic with utmost ease and wide smiles – thanking us for such a treatment.

Importance of Orthodontic Treatment for Children

This is a treatment, which helps with the overall positioning of the teeth, primarily straightening them to make them seem more presentable. Additionally, there are 2 more benefits due to this treatment – a child or an adult can find it easier to clean their teeth and bite food properly as well.

Children usually, have their upper front teeth that stick out and look unappealing. They could also have impacted, asymmetrical, reverse/under/open/cross/deep bites or other such irregular arrangement of teeth . At times, the teeth do not meet the way they need to and this leads to problems – joint problems, TMJ syndrome, neck, shoulder, back pain and severe headaches. Moreover, if this is not cured or taken care of then it may also have an adverse impact or affect a child’s speech delivery . Children could continue to have wide gaps between teeth and also the overall health of gums may deteriorate. Knowing all of these issues, the parents need to understand the severity of problem before it causes more damage.

The treatment involves taking x rays and creating a replica/ a model of your teeth to understand & plan the Treatment . Orthodontic treatment involves the usage of a myriad of tools such as braces, aligners, retainers and many other depending upon one’s issue. This treatment can take anywhere between a few months to 2 years again depending on the severity of the issue. It’s recommended, by all of us as dentists to treat such problems at an early age in childhood itself so that a lot of damage i.e tooth decay, loss of teeth and gum diseases can be prevented.