Oral Health for Overall Health

The borders of a country are made and kept secure by an army. The soldiers that make up the army are the first ones to face the brunt of an invasion.so they are primed and trained in such a way that they can protect the border and keep our country safe

The same holds true for our teeth and oral cavity or the Mouth in common parlance, our entire body and its important organs are protected in a safe and clean environment. It’s only the oral cavity that is exposed to the outside influences and germs, the teeth and gums along with tongue are our frontline warriors against germs\virus and other pathogens. Shouldn’t we keep them primed and intact for the defence of our body? You will be surprised to know that the most common infection affecting more than 90% of our population is Pyorrhoea\Periodontitis, infection of the gums. We live with it and, it is the main reason behind tooth \teeth loss. It is also the main source of germs leading to infection in other parts of the body.

The time has come for us to realize that if we want our country (our body) to be safe and healthy we will need to keep our soldier (teeth & gums) strong and intact that is why we at Fine Feather Dental have coined the adage “Oral health for Over-all health”.

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