Mouth Cancer: Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment

Mouth cancer is one of the most common yet dreadful cancers in the world. Here are a few things to know-

Screening and Early Detection

Early detection of mouth cancer is still a blessing because it prevents cancer from developing further or spreading to other areas.

Common symptoms and warning signs

  •         White or red patches in the mouth
  •         Facing difficulty in swallowing, chewing, or moving tongue
  •         Finding lumps everywhere or anywhere in the mouth or on the lips
  •         Unexpected weight loss
  •         Bleeding from ulcers

These are not the definite signs of cancer but warning signs. Its ignorance can be quite challenging though. So if you are facing these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, visit a professional doctor for an early diagnosis.

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Risk Factors

Some of the major risk factors for mouth cancer are

  •         Consuming tobacco in any form
  •         Excessive alcohol
  •         Sexually transmitted infection
  •         Excessive sun exposure can also trigger oral cancers

Not all cancers are curable. However if you avoid tobacco and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, you can potentially reduce the risk of oral cancer up to a great extent.


To prevent oral cancer, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a proper balanced diet. For instance, you must-

  •         Exercise regularly
  •         Apply sun cream, sunblock or lip balm before stepping out
  •         Strictly follow an oral care regime
  •         Visit your dentists for a quick and early detection


  •         Surgery to remove the lesion
  •         Surgery for removing cancer that has spread to the neck
  •         Surgery for reconstructing the mouth

Radiation Therapy – This therapy is delivered from an outside machine to your body to kill cancer cells.

Chemotherapy – It uses medicinal drugs to kill cancer cells and may also increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy.

Immunotherapy Uses your immune system to fight cancer because cancer cells release proteins that blind the immune system cells.

Targeted drug therapy – Used to treat mouth cancer in specific situations.

However, the treatment often depends on the stage of cancer that consists of combinations of surgeries with or without chemotherapy. Discuss your options with your respective doctor or contact us now!

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