Is Scaling Good for Our Gums and Teeth?

It is important to take care of our oral health, which comprises teeth & gums, especially when our sustenance is dependent on the varieties of food that we eat through our mouth.

What Is Teeth Scaling

It then becomes essential to maintain oral hygiene & one such clinical procedure to take care of our teeth, at the dental clinic is known as Teeth Scaling. It eliminates the bacteria and plaque & tartar build up from our teeth.

As you may already know, gum disease is caused by bacteria present in our mouth. These microorganisms, along with saliva and food particles,form a sticky layer called Plaque on the teeth. When this plaque hardens due to deposition of Calcium & Phosphorus ions from Saliva, it forms tartar. This hard layer can only be removed by a procedure called Teeth scaling. Only a Dental Surgeon or Dental hygienist can remove it.

With regular dental cleaning, or prophylaxis, the dentist removes the tartar and calculus build-up from the teeth surfaces. In cases of severe gum disease, the root of your teeth is also affected. So as the disease destroys the visible part of the teeth, it moves on to the root of the teeth and then to the bone, this is known as Pyorrhoea in common parlance or Periodontitis.

Sometimes the tartar build up is very hard and difficult to remove. In such cases, advising the patients to do warm saline gargles and/or mouthwash rinses for 15 days prior to the cleaning appointments helps in 2 ways: it makes the gums stronger and so there’s comparatively less bleeding, and also makes the tartar softer and easier to remove with the help of an ultrasonic scaler.

To the patient with severe green or black deposits and mobile teeth, the dentist often warns that the really loose tooth may fall off during the cleaning as it lacks bone support and there may be moderate to severe bleeding from the gums for the next 4-8 hours. Rinsing with warm saline gargles frequently and taking supplementary vitamins, (especially vitamin C) helps to a certain extent.

Teeth scaling can cost anything between 100-3000 INR, depending on the severity of plaque and calculus build &/or the expertise of the dental professional by whom the treatment is being carried out.

Oral hygiene and wellness are often neglected but it can create havoc for our oral health therefore it is necessary to opt for such a professional cleaning from your nearest Fine Feather Clinic outlet every 6 months to maintain the health of your mouth and teeth for a lifetime.

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