How to stop tooth pain fast? Methods that work at home & fast

A tooth ache is one of the worst kind of pain that human beings face & which need an instant solution.

Most toothaches generally manifest as a sharp or shooting pain, which may be so severe that it doesn’t allow an individual to eat, sleep, or rest comfortably.

Especially those that occur at night time & you don’t have an option to visit your Family Dental Clinic are the most troublesome.

God forbid if you have to experience one, then finding home-remedies that can relieve this unbearable pain becomes critical to end such suffering. It is important to realize that

sudden rapid tooth decay rarely occurs and that tooth aches give several warnings to the discerning patient before they become full blown and unbearable.

Besides, Allopathic pain-killers many a times don’t work in such aching teeth.

Alternative therapy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda too, has several teeth pain relief paste recipes and concoctions; some that work and some that show no results.

5 Effective Toothache Remedies to Reduce Pain Quickly

Saltwater gargle

– Heat a cup of water, not more than 60 degrees Celsius and dissolve a spoon of salt in it.
– Swish the lukewarm liquid in the mouth a couple of times.
– Repeat if necessary.
– It is a natural disinfectant.
– It helps to clean infections, as well as loosens food particles in your teeth. Avoid doing it, if you have got a swelling.

Ice pack

The ice numbs out the area and usually gives comfort when kept near the affected tooth.

Hydrogen peroxide rinse

3% Hydrogen peroxide (bactericidal) mixed in equal parts with water, and swished in the mouth for half a minute kills bacteria and helps reduce swelling and pain & especially used to heal bleeding gums or toothache caused by an infection.


One of the oldest Indian solutions to toothaches A few drops of clove oil (eugenol, a natural antiseptic) or a clove chewed to release its juices in the affected area.

Even dentists use this feature by giving a eugenol or clove oil pellet to the patient in pain. This is really effective in relieving pain especially emanating from cavitated tooth/teeth.


Turmeric has been known for its healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties since ages. A paste of turmeric powder with some water or some honey applied to the affected area can bring tremendous relief to an aching tooth.

Vitamin C in a freshly cut Lemon; tannins in teabags; oils, such as tea tree, thyme, and peppermint; asafoetida with lemon juice or oil; crushed, raw garlic applied to the affected area chewing; fresh ginger; a slice of onion chewed gently; Vanilla extract held against the pained area; Propolis capsules used to help ward off colds, can also reduce tooth pain; Guava leaf; Wheatgrass juice when used as a mouthwash are other some other agents known to bring about relief when suffering from a toothache.

At the end of the day, maintaining good oral & dental hygiene, brushing 2-3 times a day, rinsing the mouth with water or mouthwash after consuming any food items, and regular flossing are the best ways to prevent tooth decay in the first place and hence control the occurrence of a toothache.

For sensitive teeth, desensitising toothpaste available in the market are known to help when used regularly.
And, if home remedies do not help or if the pain gets worse, visiting a dentist at Fine

Feather Dental Clinic for proper management is the best solution.

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