How to Avoid Bad Breath

There are various reasons for having a bad breath. Some of them might need a detailed investigation. Here, I am trying to address few simple ways to avoid bad breath. In most cases, they will work and in case these doesnt work for you than you might need a detailed investigation to find out real cause for bad breath.

4 Steps to Avoid Bad Breath

Brush your teeth after every meal

It will help to keep one brush in office so that you can brush your teeth after lunch. That will keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

Get your teeth cleaned at a dentist’s clinic every six month

There are places between our teeth where food particles get stuck and than create a bad breath over a period of time. Getting your teeth cleaned regularly at a dentist’s clinic will help in getting fresh breath back.

Use mouthwash or sugar-less gum after every meal

Its difficult to brush your teeth after every meal but using a mouth-wash or sugar-less gum also goes a long way in ensuring your breath doesnt smell of food you had.

Avoid smelly food items such as raw onions or garlic

Some food items such as raw onions leave their smell in blood stream and when this blood reaches to your lungs, your breath smells of these food items. So it takes longer time for your breath to become fresh after you consume these food items.

There are various other ways to keep your breath fresh, but the four I have listed here are the best way to ensure you have fresh breath most of the times.

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