How does sugar affect your Dental Health?

Do you know your oral health widely depends on what and how much you eat? 

Your mouth is full of bacteria – some are beneficial while others are harmful. And, surprisingly these harmful bacteria are a result of sugary food consumption. 

It creates acid in your mouth which further damages your tooth enamel and that’s how you lose the shine from your teeth. 

several ways sugar can harm your dental health

It causes tooth decay 

Consuming high sugary snacks and drinks often leads to cavities. These drinks have a high proportion of acids that can cause tooth decay and create a negative impact on your beautiful smile. 

Moreover, according to research, drinking a sugary drink more than twice daily will increase the chances of tooth loss. So be mindful of your sugar consumption. 

Eating sticky foods 

Sticky foods have the highest proportion of sugar. It includes candies, lollipops, breath mints, and many others. Sticky foods retain in your mouth for a longer period and thus it becomes hard to dissolve the sugar. 

Along with that, processed and starchy foods like tortilla chips, potato chips, or any flavored crackers often disturb your dental health adversely. 

Some unknown facts 

Sugar can be one of the reasons for obesity and any excessive consumption will elevate the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. 

Secondly, high glycemic diets that have sugar and sugary foods have a serious connection with some types of cancer.

Moreover, if you don’t mind your sugar consumption, it may also lead to sagging and wrinkling skin causing loss of elasticity. 

How to remineralize Tooth Enamel?

Firstly, cutting down on sugar is a great start. It not only promotes remineralization but also improves the enamel of your teeth. 

Be conscious of your sugar intake. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth. 

Sugar has some serious far-reaching health implications on people. It is very important to practice a healthy diet to protect your teeth and keep them strong and healthy. 

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