Facts & Fiction related to your Teeth

8 Facts & Fiction

1} Fiction- Getting your teeth cleaned regularly can lead to loosening of teeth and create spaces between them. It also wears down your teeth.

    Fact – Getting your teeth cleaned regularly every six months is a preventive measure and good for your teeth & gums. It prevents/reduces the development of cavities as well as gum problems. Scaling/ Cleaning of teeth doesn’t have any side-effects.

2} Fiction– Getting your upper teeth extracted can damage your eye-sight as the upper teeth are connected to the same.

    Fact– Each upper tooth is an individual part of the body connected to the upper jaw-bone. Removal of upper tooth due to some problem doesn’t cause any harm to the eyes or any other part of the face.

3}Fiction– Vigorous tooth-brushing and Brushing for longer period keeps one’s teeth healthy and white.

    Fact– Brushing has to be for just 2 minutes and not more. Also the force applied during Brushing should be controlled, generated by the wrist and not from the elbow. Vigorous Brushing can wear away the outermost layer called Enamel and lead to sensitivity.

4} Fiction– With ageing teeth become mobile and are lost. This is a natural process affecting each individual.

    Fact– Teeth gradually become mobile and are lost due to loss of bone support. Periodontitis/Pyorrhoea is the disease causing bone-loss and not ageing. If we prevent Periodontitis then our teeth can last a life-time. Regular cleaning/scaling goes a long way in preventing Periodontitis.

5} Fiction– Bad Breath / Halitosis is because of Constipation or Indigestion and nothing to do with the Oral cavity.

    Fact– In majority of cases the Bad Breath/ Halitosis is caused by Plaque {A sticky layer on the teeth}, food particles and germs which are present in the oral cavity. Regular cleaning helps to prevent/minimize Bad Breath.

6} Fiction– Milk teeth are temporary and therefore do not require any treatment, as they are going to exfoliate within few years.

    Fact– Milk teeth are very important as they preserve  space for the permanent teeth , till they erupt. If they are not treated and preserved , they will be lost prematurely and then the permanent teeth will not be able to erupt in their ideal position.

7} Fiction– God / Nature has given us 32 teeth  so it doesn’t matter if 1-2 tooth are lost and not replaced.

    Fact– This is farthest from the truth as each tooth is an integral part of the Chewing system along with muscles and joints moving the jaw-bone. Losing 1-2 tooth not only affects the overall Dental Health but also the appearance of the patient, therefore it is very important to preserve the teeth.  If they are lost due to any reason then they have to be replaced at the earliest.

8} Fiction– Treatment for crooked teeth/ Braces are  just for young children and not adults, therefore this treatment cannot be done after 18 years of age.

    Fact– Our teeth are dynamic, constantly moving and not fixed after the growth of the body is over. If an adult has uneven teeth then we can correct them at any age by Orthodontic treatment/ Braces. Correction of uneven / crooked teeth is important not only from the perspective of Appearance but also for overall Dental Health. According to a survey approximately 40 % of the patients undergoing treatment for crooked teeth, worldwide are adult i.e. above 18 years of age.