Do’s and Don’ts after Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction or the removal of a tooth is one of the inevitable procedures, which has to be done sometimes. Many patients haven’t experienced any tooth extraction surgery before and so it becomes very important for the Doctor to educate patients about what to do and what not to do after tooth extraction.

List of the top tooth extraction do’s and don’ts

Do this After Tooth Extraction

  • Apply Pressure pack for 30-45 minutes after extraction. Do not speak or take anything during that period, as it could disturb the clot & bleeding might resume from the site.
  • Rest and recuperate- Rest properly, do not rush into exercising for at least 24 hours. Just keep your head in an upright position and let your body relax . Avoid bending or stooping., immediately after extraction, because doing so might increase the bleeding or dislodge the clot. Resting will also improve your immune system & help you get  back to routine.
  • Applying ice packs on the face- It is good to apply ice packs on the portion where surgery has been performed. This will ease your pain and reduce swelling. You can apply ice packs for a whole day for some significantly beneficial effects. Make sure you apply for 5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours . Avoid ice-application on subsequent days, as it delays healing.
  • Brush Gently- It is important to brush your teeth gently but avoid brushing around the tooth extraction site. Normally the blood clot formation process starts right after tooth extraction treatment. So while brushing around, if the pressure gets heavy, it can dislodge the blood clot. Thus, avoid brushing around that area for first day after tooth-removal

Don’t do this After Tooth Extraction

  • Avoid Smoking, alcohol, and certain foods
  • It is preferable to avoid any sort of fizzy drinks or alcohol for at least 2-3  days right after the tooth extraction. This will not only irritate the extraction site but also delay the healing process.

So if you are worried about the tooth extraction process or want to schedule your oral surgery, we’re happy to help you.

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