HABIT is defined by Cambridge dictionary as,” Something that one does repeatedly/often, sometimes even without knowing it.

Developing healthy dental habits in your child is an important part of Parenting and its very important to do so at an early age of the child.

One of the quite effective technique to do so is the TSD technique, I.e Tell, Show, Do method. In this , we tell the child about the benefits of a particular act , show her/him how it’s done by books/videos & most importantly do the act with her/him. The last step is very important as the child consciously or subconsciously models herself/himself on their Father/Mother. Eventually repeating the act regularly leads to that becoming a habit for the child.

Top 5 Healthy Dental Habits

1) Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste,
2) Cleaning the tongue,
3) Rinsing the mouth after every meals,
4) Avoiding frequent food intakes,
5) Most important is to visit a dental clinic every six months irrespective of whether there’s any pain or not. This de-links pain association with a Dental clinic & makes the child more receptive towards future dental care. Besides this it also gives the Dental Surgeon an opportunity to detect any initial cavities or jaw-growth anomaly at an early stage, minimising troubles & cost later on.

Another important aspect is to understand from when to develop the healthy dental habits. The right time to initiate these habits is after all milk teeth have erupted & the child has also developed the habit of gargling/rinsing. Mostly after the child is 3 years of age.