Dental Health Plans

Importance of Dental Health

Our teeth play an essential role in our life. They help us in Speech, to chew food, and impart beauty to our face. A beautiful smile has various benefits that give us confidence, as well as have a huge impact on our social life and careers. Dental health affects our life in many ways.
Our body comprises of complex organs/systems that are interconnected with each other. Poor dental health can lead to problems to other parts of our body such as heart, stomach, Neck/Back muscles and other health issues. Maintaining good dental health is important to live a positive life.


Was there a sudden pain in your teeth……?

Does your Health Insurance cover your dental health problems too?

To have peace of mind take charge of your Dental health. Fine Feather Dental Clinic introduces a dental plan that’s perfect for you and your loved ones. It covers an individual, couple, and a group/family of 4. The yearly charges for Dental Health Plan are mentioned below:

Gr./Family of 4 – Rs 1,950,

For a couple – Rs 1,450,

For an individual -Rs. 950.

The plan features:

Free consultation & X-ray twice a year

Teeth cleaning twice a year (30 mins per session)

5% discount on all treatment throughout the year

Fluoride treatment for children twice a year

Terms and Conditions Apply.

To know more about the Dental Health Plan visit us at www.finefeather.in

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