Deep Teeth Cleaning – Do I Really Need It?

Has your dentist ever recommended you for deep teeth cleaning?

Did you question him WHY? 

A dental deep cleaning also known as gum therapy is highly recommended when a patient experiences some sort of gum disease. 

Do you know ignorance of gum/periodontal disease may lead to heart disease, risk of stroke, pregnancy complications, or any other respiratory problems? It is therefore imperative to always see your family Dental Surgeon for deep dental cleaning treatment. 

This is a non-surgical treatment that cleans your teeth along with some part of the root, maintains oral hygiene around the gum line, and sides of the teeth, and at the same time facilitates gum building and teeth strengthening.

But, how do I know I require deep dental cleaning?

Answer these questions and you will realize whether you require deep dental cleaning treatment or not- 

  • Are you feeling pain while chewing?
  • Are your gums getting tender, red, or swollen?
  • Suffering from persistent bad breath?
  • Do you find blood in your gums right after flossing or brushing?
  • Are your teeth getting loose? 

If the answer to any one of these questions is YES, then you require Deep Cleaning of teeth or even more advanced gum treatment.

Can I skip Deep teeth cleaning for some time? 

Gum disease happens because of bacterial infection inside your gum tissue or any sort of inflammatory reason. Many times, when you don’t clean your teeth properly, a small amount of food particles get lodged in your teeth and gums which leads to irritation. You may try to pick that out but when the tiniest micro particle still stays deep into your teeth, it causes plaque. 

You can remove plaque by maintaining proper oral hygiene – brushing and flossing but still, some of the remaining traces of plaque can eventually get hardened into Calculus also called Tartar. This leads to an excessive accumulation of bacteria beneath the Tartar. These bacteria in turn release toxic elements that can cause tooth decay and inflame your gums too. 

So, if you find early signs of gum disease, immediately see your dentists and undergo a professional deep dental cleaning. 

Deep teeth cleaning VS Regular teeth cleaning:

Regular teeth cleaning is followed for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. This treatment will remove the plaque that builds on your teeth every day with proper cleaning, brushing, and flossing. 

However, if you don’t follow regular teeth cleaning,  the plaque gets converted into hard Tartar , which gradually extends beneath the gums. Such teeth show signs of swollen and tender gums resulting in periodontal disease and an eventual tooth loss. 

Deep cleaning comes into the picture when there is a large amount of tartar or bacteria build-up. Unlike regular teeth cleaning, it requires more than one sitting for cleaning the gums and teeth depending on the extensiveness of the cleaning required. 

Our dentist at Fine Feather Dental incessantly focuses on stopping the progression of gum infection by undergoing a thorough deep teeth cleaning treatment. 

Book an appointment now for professional deep dental cleaning services! Fine Feather Dental Clinic is always here to provide you with the required assistance.

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