Covid-19 & Hygiene

The Coronavirus infection is a viral infection that has affected 33M people globally -causing 996K deaths. It has been deathly, life changing and painstakingly difficult for the masses around the world. Started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 it is something that refuses to stop 9 months later as well – trapping people inside their abodes.

The Covid-19 Pandemic hasn’t just brought a viral infection to the table but, has brought several drawbacks with it. It has affected the global economy – which is probably going to shrink by over 3% and that is undoubtedly massive. Massive, primarily because this is by far the steepest slowdown post the greatest recession of the 1930’s.

In conjunction to the above mentioned argument, it has also led to an increasing number of physical health and mental health issues, disrupted the trade movement, and taken away the joy of festivals, our work lives, education systems, construction sites, investment management systems and so much more.

Given the havoc, there were ‘strict stay at home orders’ and now ‘masks’ are the new normal. Moreover, there are multiple guidelines that are provided for assistance, help line numbers and several Covid-19 checks done to curb the spread. Still, hygiene has been the overarching topic that people still fail to keep up with. Each family wants to keep their loved ones safe and secure and hence, should follow some tips that are provided below.

The following are a few good tips for hygiene –

1) Wear an N95 mask whenever you step out of the house

2) Should maintain a minimum of 3 ft distance whenever you meet somebody new

3) Should wash your hands at regular intervals – especially when you have touched a new surface/come home from outside

4) One shouldn’t touch their face, nose, mouth, eyes

5) Should use a disinfectant product that consists of 70% alcohol to clean the spaces of your house

6) make sure to take regular temperature checks so that you are alerted immediately if there is rise in your body temperature.

Additionally, many people aren’t considering the aspect of dental hygiene being as imperative as your overall hygiene in this severe pandemic. Your teeth need to remain healthy – brushing well for 20 seconds at at-least and flossing twice throughout the day. One should also use a non-alcohol based mouthwash to prevent the rise of plaque. Starchy foods could also be avoided as they contribute to the dissolving of tooth surfaces. Lastly, something as basic as a toothbrush can also be a contributor to the transmission of this disease and hence an individual needs to clean their toothbrush from time to time/ change it. This is because over usage of a toothbrush is not considered healthy.

Dentists have time and again reminded people that a check-up in every 6 months is crucial for everybody. Oral health care should be given utmost respect and care as that is an equal part of your overall health. If this is ever forgotten or taken lightly – it will hinder ones health gradually. So, what are you waiting for? Fine Feather Dental Clinic’s doors are always open for your dental check-ups, dental health care tips and prevention of dental issues in the time of this deadly Covid-19 Pandemic. Come to us today to prevent oral health care issues – something that is in your control rather than anybody else’s.

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