What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is basically an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold either a single replacement tooth or a multi-tooth bridge or implant supported removable denture or implant supported fixed denture/prosthesis

Who needs a Dental Implant

Dental Implants maybe an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to either a periodontal disease or to an injury or to a birth defect or to some other reason

Parameters which ensures long life of dental Implant

There are essentially 4 stages in life of a dental implant. Careful planning and execution during all this 4 stages ensures a long life of implant

  • Pre-placement: We can also call this stage a planning stage of case selection stage. It is very important to first ascertain clinically if it is a right case for implant or not. Once dentist is clinically sure that he/she could put implant in the space available and gum health is proper for suggesting an dental implant, next step is to have a radiographic look. Best is to do a CBCT (dental CT scan) of the area where an implant is being planned. CBCT is essential as that would give idea about health of bone underneath, and also it helps in determining ideal width and length of implant for that particular site. Some dentists try to save 2000 rs (35 $) on CBCT but then that atleast will double the failure rate of implant. So it is better to get CBCT done before an implant surgery is planned
  • Actual placement of implant: For ideal placement of implant, an experienced dental surgeon ensures following
    1. Fumigation of the clinic area where an implant surgery is planned. This will ensure removal of all bacteria/viruses from the clinic area
    2. Sterilization of all equipment, implant kit, surgical gloves and surgeons apron
    3. Availability of an experienced implant surgeon (either a periodontist or an oral surgeon)
  • Loading Implant (Placing prosthesis on implant): This stage is sometimes planned within 1 week of actual placement of implant. This is done where immediate loading is a possibility based on clinic condition and position of implant. If immediate loading is not recommended then a dentist would plan this stage after 2-3 months of placing the implant. In either case, it is important that this stage is executed well by a prosthodontist who has done lot of implant prosthesis. Implant prosthesis are a tricky thing and is the most common reason for an implant failure in future. An experienced implant prosthesis surgeon would ensure that all the steps are followed meticulously so that the chewing load is distributed very close to how it should be and it mimics as close to natural tooth as possible. This ensures longetivity of the implant.
  • Post-placement: After implant is successfully loaded with prosthesis, dentist will allow you to use it for 2-3 days for normal chewing to see if you have any discomfort in using your new tooth/teeth. Once you are comfortable, the procedure is over. But then it is recommended that you visit dentist regularly for teeth cleaning and for general oral hygiene. This ensures that your gums will remain healthy and your synthetic tooth/teeth lasts lifetime

Why Choose Fine Feather for Dental Implants:

At Fine Feather Dental, we ensure that all 4 parameters mentioned above are followed meticulously. This has resulted in more than 96% success rate at Fine Feather dental for our implant patients. This is one of the highest success rate in dental implants in India

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