Brushing Etiquette You Need To Know

According to Wikipedia, ”Etiquette “, is the set of conventional rules of personal behaviour in polite society, usually in the form of an ethical code that delineates the expected & accepted social behaviour in accordance with the conventions & norms observed by a society.

Brushing one’s teeth is an intensely personal thing ,however sometimes we are forced to do it not in confines of our bathroom, but outside it.

So what are the expected & accepted behavioural norms for brushing in public or in presence of strangers??

List of suggestions that might throw some light on Brushing Etiquette

1) Always carry your set of toothbrush, toothpaste & tongue cleaner in a case or kit,
2) The toothbrush bristles should be kept clean by covering them with a cap, so that you are cleaning your teeth with a brush & not the other way around ,
3) Always squeeze the toothpaste from the back & dispense a pea-sized portion on to your brush without the bristles touching the nozzle of toothpaste,
4) Gently tap the toothbrush so as to uniformly spread the toothpaste & commence the Brushing process. Avoid looking at others or trying to talk to others with your mouth full of foam or even worse with the toothbrush wedged in your mouth,
5) After 2 minutes of vigorous brushing, rinse the mouth without making the obvious gargling sounds. If required, practice the silent swishing at home,
6) Clean & dry the bristles as much as possible, since wet bristles open to air may lead to growth of germs,
7) Clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner as the tongue harbours many germs & cleaning it is an important part of maintaining oral hygiene & reducing bad odour. It’s very much necessary to avoid making any noises during tongue cleaning & for that avoid scrapping from too far behind,

All the steps from 3) to 7) should be performed in front of the mirror &/or basin with your back covering the entire process from view of others around you. To conclude the most important thing of the entire Brushing exercise is that, DO NOT leave the tap running through out the process.
Conserve water & have a HAPPY BRUSHING.