Benefits of Aligners

Dear friends,
As we read in part 1, the harmonious arrangement of all our teeth is not only important for good “Smile” but also for maintaining good oral hygiene. As you know this prevents problems like Cavities and Pyorrhoea from developing . We also discussed the reasons/causes that lead to Mal-aligned teeth in children as well adults.

The treatment option to correct the alignment are broadly termed as Orthodontic procedure (ortho= straight, dontic=Teeth)
These teeth straightening procedures mostly make use of braces (metallic/ceramic). Recently a new technique has come into the market called as ,”Clear Aligners .” When a patient opts for teeth correction with braces, the process has many inherent limitations, namely
• Biting on hard food like pizza, chocolates has to be avoided
• Braces cause ulcers or discomfort to the patients
• Eating of sticky food of like caramel/candies etc to be avoided as they get stuck in braces
• Braces might come off and lead to unnecessary visits to the dental clinic delaying treatment
• They lead to staining /demineralisation of tooth /teeth on which they are fixed.
• Most importantly, treatment with braces involves 18-20 visits to clinic spread across 15-18 months.

The new technology of Clear aligners takes care of many of these problems. However, it also has its limitations as all cases of Mal-alignment of teeth cannot be corrected by clear aligners. Cases where tooth/teeth have to be moved bodily or rotated more than 90 degrees ,braces are the best option.
However, Doctors/Orthodontists at Finefeather dental have come up with a novel solution to this problem. We have devised a new Hybrid technique where in all the cases can be treated by Aligner/Braces- Aligners’ combination. The Hybrid/Combination therapy can treat mostly all types of Mal-Alignment cases

5 Benefits of aligners

• No food restriction
• No discomfort/ minimised discomfort.
• No social stigma as they are mostly indistinct from even close quarters.
• No damage to the tooth/teeth due to prolonged usage of braces.
• Mostly importantly reduced treatment time minimising the discomfort.

In the hybrid technique the Orthodontist at Fine feather dental plan it in such a way that all tooth/teeth movements are first achieved by braces. After this we switch over to aligners for the rest of the treatment. In this way a treatment procedure with braces , of may be 15-18 months is converted into a treatment of 3-4 months with braces and 6-8 months with aligners. Thus the limitations of braces are minimised in terms of durations from 15-18 months to 3-4 months & the over all treatment duration is also reduced from 15-18 months to 10-12 months.
To top it all we at Finefeather dental want to provide you this best treatment modality available for teeth straightening at prices of conventional braces therapy.
So now ,”Make room for your crowded teeth”, as you have no reasons left and get your Beautiful Smile for a lifetime.