Annual Teeth Whitening Package

Make the White Choice for your Smile

Do you know what makes your teeth appear dull or yellowish????

Ever imagined…!

As we grow-up, our natural teeth start losing their whiteness due to the stains that gather from food and drinks we enjoy. For instance, curries, wine, soda, tea, coffee etc. Most of it can be removed by daily brushing and flossing.

However the stains often build-up from edible food particles sticking as PLAQUE. Another most recurring reason for yellow teeth lies just beneath the surface. Underneath the transparent Enamel is a coat called Dentin, which is naturally yellow. The transparency of Enamel is what makes the teeth appear whiter & shinier, as the Enamel thins out due to aging, our teeth start appearing yellow. As a result, our smile starts getting duller & yellowish, that is why a whiter, brighter Smile is correlated with Youthfulness & vigour.

Hush your yellow teeth away.

We have got something for you. Fine Feather Dental Clinic has an amazing deal to offer you and your loved ones. Keep your smile healthy and young with our Annual Teeth Whitening package. The package is applicable to an individual, couple, or group of 4. The details of the same are given below:

For Individual -1950/-

For Couple -2950/-

For Group of 4- 3950/-

Annual Teeth Whitening package per person includes,

1) Teeth cleaning – Two 30 minutes session per year

2) Activated charcoal-based Teeth Whitening toothpaste -One Quantity

3) Special Teeth polishing bristles containing toothbrush- One quantity

4) Teeth Whitening strips (Peroxide free) -Four strips.
5) Special 5% discount on In-office Teeth Whitening procedure.
For more information feel free to visit www.finefeather.in

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