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Lightening the shade of your teeth by removing its stains or discoloration is known as Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening is a common practice found today as the majority of the patients are fit for it. It can highly improve the charm of your teeth as well as face, making every other person jealous of your smile. Teeth whitening requires to be performed at regular intervals to maintain that distinct sheen of your teeth. There may be many reasons to undergo teeth whitening like:

    • Excess consumption of tobacco.
    • Drinking dark liquids like coffee, cola, tea or red wine in surplus quantity.
    • Avoiding dental care.
    • Aging
    • Dental trauma
    • Consuming tetracycline antibiotics during childhood.
    • Naturally discolored.
    • Intrinsic Stains due to the consumption of fluoride etc.


Everyone wants that celebrity attraction to their face. If you ought for the same then come to Fine Feather Dental. Discolored teeth may drive away your confidence as well as hide your smile. Teeth whitening services of Fine Feather Dental will unveil your astonishing smile. Our teeth whitening clinic render our patients with:

    • Boosted confidence
    • Boastful smile
    • Enhanced self-esteem
    • Younger appearance
    • Positive first appearance etc.

However, before you commence your treatment you need expert advice to know whether teeth whitening is appropriate for you or not. Our teeth whitening specialist will guide you through the pros and cons of this treatment as well as let you know whether you are fit for this treatment or not. Whitening of teeth is highly safe however without expert assistance it may cause problems like:

    • Sore gum or teeth
    • Sensitivity
    • Whitening becomes uneven
    • Teeth erosion etc.

Apart from these regular teeth whitening practices that are seen almost in every dental clinic, our following advanced techniques make us different from others:

Zoom Tooth Whitening: This is amongst our most preeminent teeth whitening services today. It is a system activated by light that has instant results. It makes your teeth 8 tones brighter than what they actually are! This treatment is preferred as:

    • It is completed in a single visit
    • It takes as less time as a lunch break
    • Long lasting results
    • This treatment is proven to be clinically safe and effective

Office Tooth Whitening: Patient’s teeth molds are taken at our teeth whitening clinic. These molds are converted to mouth guards that can grip whitening gel in a way that your gums and lips are protected. This technique can make your teeth appear 6 tones whiter.

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