Gum repositioning Surgery

Are you willing to have that stunning celebrity smile on your face? Do you wish to maintain your delicate smile for longer time? Do you wish to get rid of that gummy smile ruling out your face? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then Fine Feather Dental is the right door to knock on! Fine Feather has the best and upgraded gum re-positioning surgical machines that can resolve all your gum problems instantly.

Fine Feather is a well reputed clinic all over India imparting unbeatable painless dental surgeries at nominal prices. We have a huge team of professional and friendly orthodontists who are at your immediate service 24/7. Fine Feather is an upcoming dental brand that ensures state of the art equipment and technology. We render comprehensive range of all dental services under our single roof.

Fine Feather is now offering one of its best services to re-position gums and cure that curvy smile on an individual’s face. We have 5+ years of experience in curing excessive gingival display. We work on a platform to serve you with rapid and long lasting results. Fine Feather was established with a vision to gift our patients a confident smile. We have broadened our horizons to correctly reposition your lips and gums.

What Is Gum Repositioning?

Lip repositioning is a surgery to lower the upper lip so as to reduce the gum tissue exposure. During the surgery a small layer of tissue is extracted to suture the exposed area in new position. This process takes us nearly 30-45 minutes but we guarantee immediate results.

What Benefits We Offer?

    • Consistent appearance of teeth and gums in proportionate amount.
    • Faster recovery.
    • Lowest competitive prices.
    • No external scars.
    • We offer required follow ups post the surgery just to keep regular record of our surgical process.

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