Flouride Treatment

People suffering from dental pain often fear to visit a dentist as they think that their pain will enhance after the treatment. However, Fine Feather Dental is the ultimate one stop center that will relieve you from all your oral health problems. We offer specialized and advanced “painless” dental treatments under one roof. We shelter immensely experienced dentists who offer personalized treatment like your family dentist.

Our fluoride treatment for kids is gaining preeminence today. Fluoride treatment is not an uncommon activity in other dentistry. It is one of the oldest treatments offered by almost all the dentistry. It includes a bubble-gum flavored polish for children’s teeth. However, how this treatment will have its impact on you, how it will protect your teeth from washing off and whether it is safe or not will be explained by our expert professionals nowhere but at Fine Feather Dental only!


Fluoride is a natural mineral that bonds well with minerals residing in human teeth or tooth enamel. It is extremely effective to prevent tooth decay or pain as a part of oral health routine. It has the capability to reverse cavities, remineralize enamel, strengthening gum-tooth bonds etc. Most common fluoride sources used in our routine lives are drinking water or tooth products like toothpastes or rinses. However the most potent source is seen at a professional dentistry only.


Our treatment is as follows:

    • Our senior dentist will examine whether you need to undergo fluoride treatment or not.
    • After diagnosis, a detailed report is generated.
    • If your enamel is fit for fluoride treatment, it follows a cleaning procedure.
    • After that we apply the tray with fluoride concentration unavailable over-the-counter (OTC).
    • We leave the fluoride to set into the enamel for few minutes.
    • We offer choice in flavors too like grape, mint and bubble gum.
    • After the concentration settles well, it is gently rinsed off without usage of water.
    • Post this wash, you will have to eat or drink after half hour.


    • Fluoride impacts an individual as per one’s age. It affects before, during and after hitting the teeth.
    • It will inhibit certain acids that attack tooth enamel.
    • It reduces bacteria generation in the mouth as it forms a corrosive layer over the teeth.
    • It remineralizes the teeth
    • It works as a fluoride store so that even if fluoride goes through down the hatch, its effect can stay for long.
    • Prevents tooth decay.
    • Avoids cavity from expanding.
    • Enhances the gum and tooth bond in a child.

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