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Terms and Conditions

Fine Feather Dental Clinic is a contribution in India which advances dental well-being through welcoming mindfulness among the individuals on the importance of oral well-being and its effect on the quality of life. we promote preventive well-being and means to make accessible oral medical services at a reasonable expense by sponsoring the therapy expenses and offering free preventive oral wellbeing bundles. We satisfy the quality guidelines and have consented to play out the medicines at a specific quality and expense.

We appreciate input from individuals and guarantees the goal to every single reasonable solicitation and don’t empower usage of any open media or discussion regarding any issues with the services offered to its members. we will not be obligated to any carelessness or unfortunate behaviour of the suppliers.

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when the treatment plan has been agreed upon with the Dentist, we will provide you with a printed detailed plan. If the plan changes to because of any radiographic or clinical discoveries, we will suggest you and talk about this with you. On the off chance that there are any focuses on your treatment arrangement that you wish to question, please do not hesitate to ask us, before the arrangement for real medicines are made.

Certain treatments require patients to complete the written consent form. This is the clarify the treatment, aftercare, and any danger to you all together before any of the treatments are completed. Consent for any treatment can be removed anytime by the patient or dental professional.

We have a zero-tolerance policy to exploit our dentists/staff, drunken behaviour/loud/disorderly, late cancellation of appointment, and persistent missing. In any of these events, we reserve the right to refuse the treatment and admission.

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Gathering your Personal Data

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