Orthognathic Surgery


Dental veneers are customized tooth-colored shells designed to cover the frontal region of teeth to give an improvised appearance. They are often known as porcelain veneers or porcelain laminates. These shells vary in color, shape, length and size but are generally wafer-thin. They are fastened to the frontal portion of the teeth.

Veneers come in a variety of materials however to choose the best type of veneers for your type of teeth can be challenging without an expert’s advice. Fine Feather Dental is a specialized veneer installing center. We will guide you through as to which veneer material will suit the best to your teeth type.


These are instant veneers. The components are placed on the teeth in a single sitting. So there is no need to have multiple to a Dentist. Moreover, instant veneers are cheaper than conventional veneers and also have a long warranty. These are a new leap in technology has made veneers affordable and long-lasting.


Science and technology always search for invasive treatments that cause less trouble and cost to a patient. Since missing of a natural tooth is a permanent phenomenon, cosmetic alterations have been made to offer ultimate treatment. Veneer treatment is particularly for those who have dull or ill colored teeth. Installing veneers on the teeth surface enhance facial integrity, smile and confidence. This treatment has an added advantage of longevity too.


The following veneer services offered by us will compel you to meet our consultants:

Discolored Teeth: Dull teeth can be artistically be brightened with this cosmetic alteration of veneer treatment by our veneers specialist. There are many reasons that lead to discoloring of one’s tooth like:

    • Long root canal treatment
    • Stains from drugs like tetracycline
    • Excessive fluoride
    • Presence of resin fillings in a large proportion
    • Teeth that are worn down, chipped or broken.
    • Alignment of overlapping or crooked teeth
    • To fill spaces between teeth.


Fine Feather Dental renders outstanding veneers services. Our veneers clinic house every minute equipment and material required for veneer treatment. Our veneers clinic has ultimate specialists employed to serve you. Each of our veneers specialists is immensely experienced and dedicated. We fix dental veneer over your teeth nearly in two to three appointments maximum. Your three visits to us will comprise of consultation and designing and installing those veneers. These are the three simple steps of our instant veneer treatment: