TMJ Disorder Services


Temporomandibular joint is the axial joint that hooks up the lower jaw with skull’s temporal bone. These joints maintains jaw plasticity. The jaw can smoothly make up-down and side to side movements along with enabling a person to chew, yawn or talk. There are muscles around the jaw joint too. These muscles control jaw position and movement.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder refers to jaw disorders. “TMJ Disorder” occurs when trouble arises in jaw, jaw joints or facial muscles that regulate jaw movements. TMJ Disorder creates dysfunction in jaw muscles thereby commencing excruciating pain while moving the jaw. Pain is the main syndrome of TMJ Disorder that occurs in regular cycles.


    • Unbalanced activity
    • Spasm
    • Overusing jaw muscles


    • Headache/Earache
    • Experiencing pain in jaw, neck or face.
    • Jaw muscles get stiff
    • Locking of the jaw movement


Sometimes the pain vanishes with little treatment however; if TMJ Disorder specialist is not consulted it may lead to long-term problems.

Fine Feather Dental has distinctly skilled TMJ Disorder specialist who are capable of disappearing your pain at a go. Our Fine Feather Dental clinic has various branches all over Ahmedabad as well as Surat and Gandhinagar. We render long lasting TMJ Disorder services at affordable prices. We have executed all the latest technology to ease patients with pain in TMJ. We ought to render our services to maximum of those suffering from this disorder and so we have removed the price constraint for all. Our services are for all.

TMJ pain is mostly temporary but some of our exclusive services include


Jaw Relaxation: In the initial therapy, the jaw is relaxed by utilizing warm compresses. If there is any dental injuries then instead of warm compresses we make use of ice packs. Along with this, pain relieving medications are also prescribed. Jaw relaxation can heal temporomandibular joints. In this treatment we also follow stress-reduction techniques which will release stress as well as relax your jaw and body. The following care is expected from patient’s side:

    1. Consume only soft foods and avoid chewy foods.
    2. Avoid eating chewing gum or hard candy.
    3. Avoid wide opening of your mouth.
    4. Practice muscle stretching or relaxation exercises exactly as guided by our TMJ specialist.

Fitting Splint: A splint or bite plate of plastic is fitted surrounding your jaw by our specialists. This acts as a guard between the upper and lower teeth. This helps in:

    1. Reducing Clenching
    2. Teeth grinding
    3. Ease muscle tension


Invasive techniques are used when conservative techniques fail to ease your problem. In this technique two needles are inserted in temporomandibular joint so as to wash it thoroughly. One needle is attached with cleansing solution filled syringe. This fluid exists through the other syringe.

This method suits many and the pain gets back to normal. Sometimes, pain relieving medications are also injected in similar way.


We generally avoid advising this treatment to our valuable patients as it is irreversible. We apply it in extreme cases where the joints in the jaw are replaced with artificial implants.