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Crooked teeth can bring too many detriments in one’s life. Though it is a natural phenomenon, they often become an embarrassment for few when they pose for a close-up smile. It is regardless of saying how irritating food impaction is especially when you are out for dinner with friends or colleagues. This may also lead to many gum problems or tooth decay. Crooked or overlapping teeth have a great impact on one’s speech too. At some phase in life, a person may find a lack of confidence as crooked teeth may lead to a loss in facial integrity too. Hence, improving the crookedness becomes inevitable.


With the evolution of teeth straightening methods, you can get rid of all these issues if you have crooked teeth. Fine Feather Dental will release you from your embarrassment. We are a specialized center for teeth straightening. Though the majority of children undergo this treatment, Fine Feather Dental serves adult patients too with its advanced techniques and material.


Fine Feather Dental executes the best teeth straightening services under its roof. With a huge team of teeth aligning specialists, we have modified our services to deliver the best to our patients. Our teeth straightening specialist will discover confidence within you by giving you a better smile.

Why Us?

    • Thorough Diagnosis and detailed report by custom software
    • The full treatment is done by Orthodontist only. During the process of treatment, no general dentist does any braces related process
    •  Range of treatment options from Fixed Metal Braces to the latest removable transparent braces available
    •  Among few Cling where advance cases requiring orthognathic surgery can be treated.
    •  Interceptive Orthodontics is offered for manipulation of Jaw growth

Our huge team of experts is highly active. They work as per your orthodontic needs. Our treatment involves:

    • Direct measurements
    • X-rays
    • Study casts and photographs

We offer the following material in braces:

    • Metal dental braces
    • Ceramic or clear dental braces
    • Invisible dental braces: These are lingual braces which are most preferred