Preventive Sealants

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Fine Feather Dental is an eminent preventive dentistry center of India today. We were established in 2011 and within this short pace of time we have discovered solutions for almost all kinds of major and minor dental issues. In the past two years of our establishment, Fine Feather Dental has been facing constant challenges where our senior dentists have invented ways to render painless treatments. We have a broad base of patients associated with Fine Feather Dental for long term as they are extremely satisfied with our dental techniques. We were established with a motive to render the following:

    • Best treatment at affordable prices.
    • Quick results.
    • No long waiting queues with prior fixed appointments.
    • Personalized treatment to individuals.
    • Every treatment supervised by our senior dentists.
    • Building long term bond with patients.
    • Offering optimum patient satisfaction.

Fine Feather Dental is endeavoring preventive sealants treatment for children so as to promote oral health among them.


Sealants are applied on a child’s chewing surface that supplements protection against tooth decay. They are thin coatings of plastic used to seal the pits and fissures engrained on the chewing surface of the posterior teeth. Hence, sealants are like a fence that will prevent the occurrence of plaque and acids in the biting area.

Many times brushing and flossing are ineffective in deeply cleaning the teeth depressions and groves. The remnants of food particle in the mouth enhances bacteria thereby dissolving enamel covering of the tooth. We suggest to apply sealants soon after permanent molar eruption in a child, nearly between 6-12 years of age.


Sealants application doesn’t require to inject general anesthesia. It takes few minutes per tooth to paint sealants. As per the treatment procedure, our professionals will first thoroughly clean the child’s chewing surface and condition it with a peculiar solution that will bind sealants to the enamel. If required we may use “curing” light to hasten the bond. We use standardized quality sealants that may last for 5-6 years.

Our dentists will put in their optimum efforts to protect your child from gum diseases. However we appreciate some participation from parents where you bring your child to our clinic for sealants examination at regular intervals as a part of our routine check-up. This will let us know if any sealants is to be replaced or not!

Not every child is required to apply sealants. Consult our super-specialized pediodontist today to know whether your child needs sealants or not!