Painless Root Canal

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When the tooth pulp is damaged, it is to be removed. Removal of this damaged tooth pulp is known as root canal. Tooth pulp is like tiny, thread-like tissue located in middle of the tooth. There are several reasons as to how the tooth pulp might decay like a cracked tooth, intense cavity or any severe tooth injury. After removing this dead pulp, the surrounding area is cleaned, defined and packed. This entire procedure is known as root canal.

Earlier tooth with decayed pulp was directly extracted. This was so painful that patients feared to visit a dentist. Now with progressive root canal treatment, teeth can be saved which would have been lost otherwise. If the infected pulp is left untreated it can be extremely dangerous. It may get converted to pus at the later stage which may harm the root tip of the jawbone. This will form abscess which can in turn damage entire jaw bone.

Since prevention is better than cure, why take a fatal risk when Fine Feather Dental at your service?


Painless and Precise Root Canal

    Are you suffering from tremendous tooth ache? Are you looking for safe and reliable endodontic services? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then look no further of Fine Feather Dental.

    •  Robotic Device: Root Canal done with state-of-art instrument Apex Locator and Robotic Device Endo-motor. The instruments helps in following ways
    • With robotic instruments at play, there is less reliance of Dentist’s Manual Judgement. The root canal cleaning and filling is always precise.
    • Since there is no trial and error is involved, the root canal treatment finishes quicker.
    •  Computerized Painless Injection:  These injections doesn’t pain at all. These injection are called termed as magical wand by  many.  The painless injection removes anxiety from root canal treatment.
    • Experienced doctors: Our specialists – Endodontists have in-depth knowledge of Root Canal Treatment, so much so that they routinely conduct advanced treatment such as reviving failed root canal treatments, post and core to save heavily damaged tooth.
    • Many convenient Locations: We many branches of dental Clinic in Ahmedabad. So there would be Fine Feather branch near you. We also have presence in Suraj and Gandhingar.


Instant Relief

Our endodontic treatment will heal your tooth from within. After the removal of the infected pulp, the area is sealed with gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is a rubber-like material that is filled into the gap. After this, a tooth restoration procedure is carried out where a crown is covered around the tooth for protection. After this, the tooth functions like other teeth. In modernized treatment, this procedure hardly takes two appointments. Hence, we render our patients with instant but highly reliable services.