Jaw Bone Regeneration

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What Is Jaw Bone Regeneration?

People likely experience weird gum diseases with their growing age that may end up in losing the jaw bone. If this occurs, Jaw Bone Regeneration becomes quite mandatory that will prevent tooth loss. Our expert periodontists are trained under IIM professionals to perform surgical procedure of bone regeneration. Two types of material are used in preparing jaw bone membranes:

    • Synthetic polymer: This is not absorbed by the body and is to be compulsorily removed after some time.
    • Natural material: This is slowly absorbed by our body.

Why Us?

The following few reasons will compel you to hire Fine Feather’s jaw one regeneration services:

    • Guaranteed protection to the existing teeth.
    • Avoid tooth loss.
    • Safeguard soft gum tissues that keep teeth intact.
    • Restore the damaged gum disease.
    • High standardized treatment at competitive prices.
    • Personalized services to every patient.
    • No long waiting hours.
    • Quick and faster results.
    • Painless surgery.
    • Post-surgery follow-up appointments are scheduled to examine the bone growth.
    • Post jaw bone regeneration surgery, we assign you a plan that is handy to take complete care of your bone. Taking appropriate care post the surgery will make it successful in long run.

If you fear to visit a dentist till today then here you have an opportunity to meet us and remove all your fears. We are like your family periodontal clinic.