Habit Breaking Appliances Services

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Fine Feather gives first preference to oral health care promotion among children. We emphasize to expose children to oral health education at an early age so that they are protected from various sort of gum diseases in future. We are a preeminent pediatric dental clinic all over India. We are not only popular for our unbeatable pediatric dental treatments but are also recognized for our efforts put in to conduct various free oral health care programs in schools all over India.

If you are concerned with teeth sprouting and oral health care in your children then do not miss our free pediatric consultation services. Our pediatric dentists are specialized to handle children individually as per their psychology. Each pedodontist at Fine Feather has 2-3 years of training experience regarding child dentistry.

For growing children, many habits are difficult to break. They follow it up to an age where it not only becomes embarrassing for parents but also affects their mental growth. Hence our skilled pedodontists have come up with habit breaking appliances for children like:


Thumb sucking is a natural phenomenon of a child’s reflexes which gives them comfort and mind relaxation. However, during frontal teeth eruption, this activity in a child must stop. Generally, children stop thumb sucking between 2-4 years. But if it continues for long, it has its own disadvantage like:

    • Decelerated mental growth.
    • Improper growth of the mouth.
    • Misaligned teeth.

If thumb sucking is a habit persisting in your child then fix up a meeting with our senior pedodontist. We advise an appliance called fixed palatal crib to break this habit. Our senior pedodontist takes teeth impression to design customized palatal crib which is positioned behind the upper frontal teeth and cemented on the upper permanent molars. This crib has semicircular wires of stainless steel which are tied to molars using steel bands.

This crib stays unaffected while eating and is comfortable to a child as they are barely visible. This will gradually impact the thumb sucking habit of the child to stop within a few weeks or months. After the habit is cured this crib is removed and it can be reused if the habit restarts.


Tongue thrusting refers to as keeping the tongue in an incorrect position while swallowing. Incorrect position of the tongue creates immense pressure on the teeth which forces misalignment per swallow. Also, nervous thrusting pushes the tongue while at rest against the teeth. This is a difficult habit to break. Hence our pedodontist designs an appliance that can permanently be cemented in that place where the tongue exerts pressure. Before any orthodontic treatment, this habit is to be cured compulsorily.