Denture Services

Missing teeth or damaged tissues can artistically be replaced by dentures. Dentures are removable and made up of acrylic, metal or porcelain. There are two types of dentures:

Complete Dentures: When all the teeth are lost, complete dentures are applied to replace all of them. Complete dentures further has two types:.


Conventional dentures placed after the gum starts healing post teeth removal. It can be placed after a period of 8-12 weeks of teeth removal.


In immediate dentures, the patient doesn’t have to wait for long as in conventional dentures. They are prepared in advance to be positioned instantly when the tooth is pulled out.

Partial Dentures: When part of the natural teeth still exists, partial dentures are put into action. They can fill gaps of missing teeth as well as stop other teeth to shift their positions. The partial denture includes replacement teeth connected to a plastic base of gum-color. This is further attached to metal clasps in order to make denture’s position immovable in the mouth. Instead of metal clasps, precision attachments are also used as they give esthetic look. Also, they are nearly invisible.


Dentures are not meant for elderly people. Loss of teeth may have a high emotional impact on a few growing adults and hence we recommend them for some kind of dentures. Dentures clinic of Fine Feather Dental will guide you through our seamless dentures services. Our dentures specialist are profoundly experienced to understand your case and let you know which treatment will best suit you. As our valued patient, your safety is our prime focus. Hence we do not compromise in the quality of our denture services.

Why Us

Fine Feather Dental’s dentures clinic is highly comfortable for all those who fear to visit any dentist. We promise you to have painless experience with your treatment. Also, our treatment will last longer if you stay committed to your appointments and take minor care that we guide you for. Getting accustomed to wearing dentures takes time. Hence, new denture wearers may find it difficult and uncomfortable. They may find it to be a little irritating but with the passage of two to three days, you will automatically settle. You may find your speech has become clear and facial expressions have changed. All you need to have is enough patience for dentures to show its real results.