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Children have delicate gums and jaws. To handle their dental care, an expert pedodontist is required who can gently manage these tiny lads. Since children up to 12 months have progressive jaws, it is advisable to visit a reliable children dentistryclinic just to confirm that the development is normal. Also among young children, regular teeth check-up is greatly essential so that they learn appropriate dental care.

However children always refer any kind of teeth treatment a painful torture. They always fear to visit a dentist no matter how friendly he is. What a young kid wants is a painless treatment apart from a friendly doctor. Kids must enjoy a children dentistry’s services to such an extent they do not hesitate on their second visit.


Fine Feather Dental is a specialized children dentistrythat executes painless treatments for your delicate darlings. We house experts and immensely experienced pedodontists at our center. Though practicing pedodontics is challenging, each of our children dentistryspecialist have ultimate skills to beat every challenge. We have a huge team of compassionate pedodontists who provides special care to every child. Personal touch of friendliness is innate in every children dentistry specialist at Fine Feather Dental.


Child dentistry is a specialized dentistry branch to promote dental health care among children under 18 years in age. Pedodontist or pediatric dentist acquire 2-3 years of extra rigorous dental training where they learn distinct dental requirements in an infant, kid or youth. Learning child psychology is a branch of study in pedodontics.

Our children dentistry services include:

    • Managing Oral Problems In An Infant: We render oral hygiene motivation among parents for their children’s tooth care.
    • Managing Dental Caries: We offer Pit and Fissure Sealant services. We also offer full mouth restoration, crown and root canal treatment for primary and permanent teeth.
    • Managing Dental Trauma: We provide preventive guards for sports injuries among children.
    • Managing Early Loss Of A Tooth: We maintain spaces between teeth.
    • Managing Children Habits: Many children have a habit of thumb sucking or lip biting or mouth breathing or similar kinds. We offer habit breaking instruments in our treatment for promotion of healthy dental care. We make use of children’s favorite flavors in our appliances.
    • Orthodontic Treatment: We provide fluoride prophylaxis in our child dentistry treatment. We use Pedo-RCT  (Pulpotomy, Pulpectomy)  a painless injection for Anesthesia.