Patient Safety Equipment

FineFeather Dental clinics use these patients safety equipment


  1. Face Mask-

Dental work is regularly performed with the doctor and the patient inside closeness of each other.Doctors of fine feathers wear masks to protect you from any germs the person may have gotten from different patients and limits the transmission of those germs. N95/KN95 masks along with 3 ply Surgical Masks are used by doctors during treatment. 


  1. Gloves-

Hands are appropriately disinfected and dried prior to wearing gloves. Another pair of gloves is worn for each patient. Gloves are even changed in the event that they give off an impression of being debased during the treatment.


  1. Face Shield-

Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that are utilized by fine feather’s doctors for protection of the facial territory and related mucous layers (eyes, nose, mouth) from sprinkles, showers, and splash of body liquids. Face Shields are also sanitised after every use.


  1. Disposable Caps-

Doctors and dental assistants of fine feather dental clinics wear disposable caps,as these caps are simply disposed of after use, they help keep the hygiene. It is ideal to gather doctor’s hair to prevent it from falling down and spreading germs from the hair or scalp from contaminating the environment.


  1. Aerosol Suction & Decontamination Unit (ASDU)-

Dental machines run at a rapid in the wet climate of the mouth. They can create Aerosol which may convey germs. Extraordinary high innovation hardware has been introduced in the fine feather dental clinics to lessen the vaporizers created during the treatment and clean the air. This technology utilizes high attraction strength, combined with extraordinary channels like the high fiber Cotton channel, fiberglass channel, HEPA (H13) channel and enacted carbon channels. 

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