Crowns & Bridges

Fine Feather Dental is a renowned dental health care clinic all over India. It is not only prominent for its unbeatable advanced dental services but is also known for its reliability and professionalism. It is associated with highly skilled and experienced specialists who can render each patient with long lasting results. Our goal is to serve your delicate smile for life time at prices affordable to you. Fine Feather Dental looks forward to maintain a long term relation with its patients. Hence, we try to achieve maximum patient satisfaction with our unmatched latest techniques.



To protect a cracked or broken tooth, dental crowns are used. Dental crown is a ‘cap’ of tooth-shaped. It is prepared to place over the tooth in a way that it is completely covered. Dental crowns restore the shape, strength and size of your tooth thereby improving your facial integrity.


Fine Feather Dental offers the following types of crowns:

    • Temporary Crowns: Metal alloy or acrylic is used to prepare these crowns.
    • Stainless Steel Crowns: These fabricated crowns made from stainless steel are specially preferred for children as they are less in cost and can be incorporated in a single visit.
    • Metal Crowns: These are prepared from cast gold alloys or cast silver palladium alloys. They last for long and can withstand chewing of food.
    • Porcelain Crowns: These crowns are casted with metal inside and is baked with porcelain over it. These are natural looking but have short durability.
    • All Ceramic Crowns: They provide maximum aesthetic results but are abrasive and can damage the opposite teeth.


The Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The bride should be proscribed only when dental Implant is not possible. The sound teeth on either side of missing tooth are grinded. These sound teeth also bear the chewing load of the missing teeth. Some experienced dentist say that bridge is not solution rather that it is a problem because it require grinding of sound teeth – which ultimately require further treatment and in many cases eventually fall off. The grinding of teeth is termed as binging of end of a tooth.

Type of bridges:

    • Traditional Bridges: These are most common ones made from porcelain baked over metal or ceramic.
    • Cantilever Bridges: These are particularly used for small spaces.
    • Maryland Bonded Bridges: These are used to bind the frontal teeth. It is also known as resin-bonded bridge.
    • Implant-Backed Dental Bridges: These are preferable if you have more than one missing tooth.

Our crowns and bridges clinic follows the below procedure for treatment:

    • Reduction of the tooth size.
    • Taking teeth impression.
    • Preparation of dental crown or bridge.
    • Fixation of temporary crown or bridge.
    • Fixing of the permanent crown or bridge.

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