Important Tips to Follow After Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve just had a root canal treatment, it’s super important to make sure you’re following your dentist’s advice for a smooth recovery.

7 Tips to follow after root canal treatment

Use your prescribed medicines correctly

Even if you don’t feel any pain after your treatment, it’s important to take all the medicines your dentist gave you exactly as they told you. Sometimes, you may need to take the medicine regularly to avoid feeling any pain or discomfort. If your dentist prescribed antibiotics, make sure to take them to prevent any infections.

Keep the treated area clean

You can keep brushing and flossing like usual. Your dentist might suggest rinsing with warm salt water regularly to keep the area clean and avoid infections.

Check how much pain you have

It’s normal to feel a bit uncomfortable after a root canal. If you’re following your pain medicine instructions but still have a lot of pain, get in touch with your affordable dentist right away.

Take it easy on the tooth that got treated

Make sure you don’t bite directly or press too hard on the tooth that had the root canal. This helps the tooth heal properly.

Stick to soft foods

For the first few days, eat soft foods to help the area heal and avoid any pain while eating. Good examples include mashed potatoes, smoothies, and macaroni and cheese.

Think about getting a crown

A crown is like a protective cap for your tooth, shielding it from damage or decay. It’s a good idea to get a crown for the tooth that had the root canal to keep it safe and sound.

Contact your dentist with any questions

Feel free to reach out to your dentist if you have any doubts or questions. Don’t worry, your dentist will be happy to assist you.

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