Premila was trying very hard to convince her NRI son Sudeep,” Son, she’s a real gem, a real diamond. Believe me when I say that she will take good care of you. Look at her mannerisms, the way she respects others. I am in the sixth decade of my life, son and I know enough about people to advise you.

Sudeep got exasperated and raised his tone a bit higher, “But mom, look at her hair plastered over her head with god only knows, how many litres of oil. She can’t even laugh heartily and when she opens her mouth to speak, have you seen those crooked teeth, brown and so ugly, Yuck. No mom, whatever you say, I cannot agree. “Premila got anguished,”Sshh… speak slowly, Sunanda might hear you.” Sudeep’s   tone increased little bit more. “I don’t care, but you have to consider my circle, my status.” Sunanda entered the room at that moment; she had heard the conversation between the mother and son.

Sunanda turned to Premila and said,” Look, we have been best friends for life now, however that does not mean,Ssudeep should make compromise for decisions that affect his life Sudeep, I would request you to meet Latika, my niece just one more time, let us meet at the weekend on Sunday.” Premila tried to placate Sudeep,” Look, son you have not even met for 15 minutes, let us not take a hasty decision.” Sudeep then relented,” Mom, I agree she looks beautiful, but.. Ok, let us met again on Sunday.”

Sunanda, now knew what she had to do. As soon as Premila left, she called Latika in and said to her,”Dear we will have to go for your makeover by Sunday.” She immediately booked an appointment with the leading salon in Ahmedabad. By next two days, Latika underwent all the beauty treatments offered by the salon like, Facial, bleaching, hair straightening manicure, pedicure, high lightening etc. at the end of it all sunanda was observing her and finally concluded, “Now you look like a Bollywood star.” At this latika laughed,  and then sunanda knew that her job was still not over.

She said,” latika we have to do something about your teeth. Do you know of a good dentist?” Latika was at wit’s end as she had never been to a dental clinic, but she immediately opened her mobile phone and using google found out about Fine Feather Dental Clinic.

The next day latika and Sunanda ended up at my clinic. I saw her teeth and immediately knew that fluorosis coupled with small crowding of front teeth was the problem. “ sunandaji, latika needs a smile makeover,” I said. “Doctor, I know and that is the reason we are here. The problem is we have just two days to sort it out. Can you help me? So I outlined the treatment and the time frame and we started immediately.

On that day we did scaling i.e. cleaning of teeth to remove the debris, followed by Zoom teeth whitening procedure. The entire process took one and half hour and by noon, Latika’s teeth were only slightly lighter than before.

The next day, I called her in the evening and our specialist at fine feather started the procedure of smile-makeover. The aesthetic-dentist analysed her face, smile and teeth and then using the latest “Componeers” ready to stick, pre-fabricated veneers he one by one started covering the irregular, brown spotted teeth with Componeers.  At  the end of 2 hours, Latika was ready with a new smile and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she was pleasantly amazed at her transformation. She saw Sunandaji, smiling in front of her with a thumps-up sign. I told Latika,” Beta, now you don’t have to hide your smile.”

On Monday Sunandaji and Premila came to fine feather dental with a beaming smile and a box of my favourite chocolates. She said that Sudeep had agreed and the marriage was fixed for the next fortnight. This is just one of the heart-touching stories of people who come to fine feather dental with problems and got out with a “big smile”.