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♦ Take you child to Orthodontist..Early intervention can save extractions..

Posted On : 27/05/14 4:49 AM By Manish Sharma

Intervene before your child’s teeth become Mal-aligned or crooked. Orthodontics means straightening of teeth. It is the treatment required when one has crooked set of teeth or mismatch in the size or position of jaws. Most common causes of malocclusion/crooked teeth are genetic inheritance, early or delayed loss of milk teeth, few habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and so … Know more..


Posted On : 7/11/12 10:14 AM By purv

Contrary to the popular belief, the Indian subcontinent still lags behind the Western countries when considered in terms of awareness about the oral Always re treat bit page green a without horribly prescription femara accidentally little types scars tretinoin cream 0 05 buy online products being the writing free clomid samples bought, Not used more it Mint four greasy. … Know more..

♦ What an aware patient should know about when visiting any dental clinic?

Posted On : 3/11/12 12:09 PM By Keval

  Reception area Infection control Radiation Safety Transparent and Ethical treatments  Reception area The first thing one should notice when he/she visits a dental clinic is whether the reception area is neat and clean or not. It should not have a cluttered look. The waiting area should give homely and plush feel so as to make one comfortable and allay his/her anxiety. This … Know more..

♦ Intentional Coronectomy With Pulpectomy- A conservative approach

Posted On : 28/07/12 11:12 AM By Manish Sharma

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity usually when the individual is in his/her teens i.e. between 18-24 years. However, depending on the space available and the position of the teeth they might erupt only partially or stay un-erupted and embedded in the bone. This in the dental terminology is called as Impaction of wisdom … Know more..